PwC, one of the world’s leading professional services networks, has entered into a significant global partnership with artificial intelligence startup Harvey. This collaboration grants exclusive rights to PwC’s Legal Business Solutions professionals within the Big 4 to utilise Harvey’s transformative AI platform. Harvey, a recipient of backing from the OpenAI Startup Fund, is underpinned by OpenAI and ChatGPT technology. It employs natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics to augment and streamline multiple facets of legal operations.

Through Harvey’s platform, PwC experts can extrapolate insights and recommendations from vast data quantities, subsequently enabling them to pinpoint solutions more promptly. Notably, every output produced by the platform will be subject to meticulous examination and oversight by PwC’s specialists.

This strategic partnership amplifies PwC’s commitment to marrying human expertise with tech-driven solutions, aligning with its global strategy, “The New Equation“.


Innovative Benefits for PwC’s Global Client Base

The partnership’s inception promises a plethora of advantages:

  1. Harvey’s AI solution offers PwC professionals in over 100 countries unprecedented access to state-of-the-art generative AI technology. This access promises to elevate the service delivery capabilities of PwC’s expansive network of over 4,000 legal experts, spanning areas such as contract scrutiny, regulatory adherence, claim handling, due diligence, and a plethora of legal advisory and consulting services.
  2. PwC envisages a collaborative approach with Harvey to introduce the platform to the market, aiding clients in refining their internal legal processes.
  3. Additionally, PwC is set to pioneer and train proprietary AI models in tandem with Harvey. This initiative aims to devise tailored products and services catering to PwC’s unique requirements and those of its clientele within Legal Business Solutions.


Industry Leaders Share Their Perspective

Carol Stubbings, the Global Tax & Legal Services Leader at PwC UK, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Harvey’s AI solution signifies a monumental transition in the consumption and delivery of tax and legal services industry-wide. The integration of Harvey is poised to be a pivotal move for our team and clientele. The synergy between PwC’s profound technical prowess and market acumen, coupled with Harvey’s robust AI platform, is set to usher in unparalleled problem-solving capabilities.”

Echoing her sentiments, Tony O’Malley, the Global Legal Business Solutions Leader at PwC Australia, commented, “Harvey heralds a new era in our delivery of global legal solutions. The platform’s capabilities offer our legal experts a remarkable advantage in insights, research, and analysis. Merging our profound expertise with this avant-garde AI technology signifies a revolutionary shift in our problem-solving approach for our clients.”


Harvey’s Vision for the Partnership

Gabriel Pereyra, the Co-Founder and CEO of Harvey, emphasised the unique prospects of this alliance, noting, “Our collaboration with PwC amplifies the potential of AI in addressing intricate legal challenges. PwC’s vast capabilities pave the way for us to jointly develop AI systems that build upon Harvey’s foundational legal applications, crafting holistic solutions for PwC and its clientele.”

Winston Weinberg, Harvey’s Co-Founder and COO, expressed his exhilaration about the partnership, stating, “Aligning with PwC, an undisputed global frontrunner in professional services, empowers us to present trailblazing legal AI solutions to their clientele. Our collaboration recognises the multifaceted nature of legal services, acknowledging the pivotal role lawyers play in society’s myriad sectors.”


The Future of Legal Technology at PwC

Sandeep Agrawal, PwC’s Global Leader for Legal Technology in the UK, highlighted the transformative potential of integrating Harvey, commenting, “Harnessing Harvey ensures our Legal Business Solutions experts remain at the industry’s vanguard, enhancing their capacity to furnish comprehensive, economically efficient, and market-aligned solutions. Incorporating Harvey into our regular operations liberates essential resources, enabling our team to channel their focus towards innovation and value-added tasks.”

It’s imperative to note that while AI will revolutionise many facets of legal operations, it will not supersede lawyers or serve as a substitute for professional legal services. AI will strictly refrain from offering legal counsel to clients.