WORKTECH, a leading events series dedicated to shaping the future of work, announces the return of WORKTECH Manchester on 18th June 2024.

Supported by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, this event promises to bring innovation, insights, and inspiration to the workplace community, helping to enhance creativity and forward-thinking.

Event Themes and Focus

This year’s WORKTECH Manchester programme will cover several key themes:

  • Emerging trends in the future of work.
  • Data-driven workplace strategies and transformations.
  • Innovation supporting workplace experience and the built environment.
  • Sustainable futures: re-thinking work, architecture, and design.

Key Speakers and Sessions

The event will feature prominent speakers and insightful sessions, including:

  • Dale Whelehan, CEO, 4 Day Week Global: Presenting on the history of working hours and the transformative potential of the 4-day workweek.
  • Toby Mildon, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Architect, Mildon Ltd: Sharing best practices for inclusive leadership and diverse board development using ‘organimetric’ analytics.
  • Peter Beesley, Future Skills Lead, Marks & Spencer (M&S): Discussing the role of technology, including Learning Pool, in supporting ongoing skills development and workforce agility.
  • Holly Redman, Technology Experience Partner, Auto Trader, and Jane Watson, EMEA Director, XY Sense: Explaining how Auto Trader fosters a purpose-driven, people-centric culture through innovative workplace strategies and agile feedback loops.

Innovation and Sustainability in the Workplace

WORKTECH Manchester will delve into the future of the workplace, exploring how data-driven strategies and innovative technologies can enhance workplace experiences. The focus on sustainability will encourage rethinking workspaces, architecture, and design for a sustainable future.

Organised by Unwired Ventures, a research and events company, WORKTECH Events provide unparalleled learning and networking opportunities for senior professionals and thought leaders. The event is supported by WORKTECH Academy, which offers original research, trends analysis, and market intelligence to its global network of members.

For more information about WORKTECH Manchester and registration details, visit WORKTECH24 Manchester.