Experienced carers and their support teams in Wellingborough are set to shift the narrative surrounding careers in care.

Amidst the prevalent focus on the challenges within the care industry, Visiting Angels, a team in Northamptonshire, aim to provide a positive perspective on care professions.

Visiting Angels is hosting a “Care as a Career” event at their office in the Belgrade Centre, Wellingborough, on Friday, 16th February. The event welcomes individuals interested in gaining insights into a carer-centric focus in community care delivery. This initiative, launched in 2019, challenges the negative perceptions associated with the care industry and aims to inspire those who may have been deterred from pursuing a career in care.

Transforming Lives Through Carer-Centric Practices

Experienced carers will share their stories during the event, shedding light on how prioritizing carers has positively impacted their lives. The removal of practices like unpaid travel time between care visits and the introduction of minimum one-hour visits have significantly improved the working conditions for care staff. The event offers an opportunity for visitors to understand firsthand how a focus on carers has transformed the delivery of essential care tasks.

Registered Manager Stephanie Robinson and Head of People Leanne Ward will provide informative talks during the event. Stephanie will discuss care standards, while Leanne will outline the diverse careers available in the care industry. Dr Neelam Saleem, the Managing Director at Visiting Angels, will be present to address queries and provide insights into their carer-centric approach.

Dr Neelam Saleem, reflecting on the unique approach, stated, “I’m a firm believer that people rest and recuperate better in their own home, and when carers are given more time for visits and properly compensated for their work, in-home care becomes something incredibly special.”

Addressing Challenges in the UK’s Care System

The UK’s care system is facing challenges in meeting the demands of the growing elderly population. With caregiver turnover reaching 77% in 2023, Visiting Angels aims to counteract issues such as low pay, poor working conditions, and excessive responsibilities. Their approach involves prioritizing caregiver well-being through financial rewards, career development opportunities, and an exclusive well-being programme.

The “Care as a Career Day” will take place from 10 am to 12 pm on Friday, 16th February, at Visiting Angels, Rooms 39/40, Belgrade Centre, Denington Road, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN8 2QH. Refreshments will be available, and those interested can call 01604 904004 for more information or to register.