Online food delivery company Deliveroo has unveiled plans to enhance its rider proposition by introducing free childcare hours and an education and skills programme aimed at supporting its workforce.

In a bid to bolster its rider support system, Deliveroo has partnered with childcare app Bubble to offer 15,000 free childcare hours to parents. This initiative, available on a first-come, first-served basis, aims to assist riders with caring responsibilities, including childcare, eldercare, and pet care. The partnership with Bubble, a leading childcare booking app in the UK, aligns with Deliveroo’s commitment to providing flexibility and support to its riders.

Sayim Ulus, a Deliveroo rider and father from London, praised the initiative, emphasising the importance of balancing work and family life. He highlighted the positive impact the free childcare hours will have on riders like himself, enabling them to manage their responsibilities effectively.

Education and Skills Programme

Expanding its rider offer, Deliveroo has collaborated with Lynx Educate to provide an array of educational courses for riders globally. With over 1,500 online courses available, riders can upskill and broaden their learning while working flexibly with Deliveroo. From business management to coding, riders can choose from a diverse range of courses tailored to their interests and career goals.

Deliveroo will sponsor 100 riders to pursue higher qualification certificates, offering opportunities for professional growth and development. This initiative underscores Deliveroo’s commitment to supporting rider advancement and fostering career progression.

Positive Impact

The rider support programmes introduced by Deliveroo have received positive feedback from riders like Aaron, a freelance graphic designer who benefitted from the educational programme. Aaron’s experience highlights the flexibility and accessibility of the courses, empowering riders to pursue personal and professional development opportunities while maintaining their work commitments.

Sylvie Milverton, CEO of Lynx Educate, expressed excitement about the partnership with Deliveroo, emphasising the significance of investing in riders’ skills development. Through collaborative efforts, Deliveroo and Lynx Educate aim to provide meaningful learning experiences and career exploration opportunities for riders and their families worldwide.

The introduction of these initiatives underscores Deliveroo’s dedication to supporting its workforce, promoting flexibility, and facilitating personal and professional growth among riders.