Emergn, a globally trusted leader in digital business services, has unveiled substantial updates to its pioneering Infinity Design System, placing a strong emphasis on digital accessibility.

With the imminent European Accessibility Act (EAA) raising the stakes for non-compliance, Emergn’s updated design system offers a forward-compatible solution to help companies meet evolving standards.

As governments globally tighten regulations on digital accessibility, the upcoming European Accessibility Act, effective from June 2025, is set to be a pivotal moment. However, the urgency of its implications might be overlooked. Emergn aims to address this gap by enhancing the Infinity Design System to cater to the diverse needs of all users, especially the 1.3 billion disabled individuals globally.

Digital Inclusivity at the Forefront

The Infinity Design System serves as a comprehensive suite of design and code components, streamlining the development of accessible digital products. Aligned with the international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, it is also forward compatible with the upcoming WCAG 3.0 standard. Beyond components, the system provides detailed documentation on building for accessibility, covering essential topics and guidance on utilising accessibility features.

Infinity is not just a tool for compliance; it’s an innovative system designed to expedite the development of bespoke design systems for enterprises. By capturing design decisions in code variables known as design tokens, Infinity addresses around 67% of accessibility issues that originate in the design phase. These tokens ensure visual consistency throughout the design system and adhere to international WCAG standards.

Proactive Approach to Accessibility Challenges

At a time when approximately 67% of accessibility issues arise during the design phase, Infinity’s proactive approach is crucial. The design tokens’ structure ensures that customising the system for an organisation’s brand guarantees accessibility, offering a practical solution for businesses looking to swiftly comply with accessibility standards.

The significance of digital accessibility compliance has never been more critical, with potential fines reaching millions of Euros. While the EAA itself doesn’t set fines, member states have the authority to impose heavy penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, countries like Spain have seen fines reaching EUR 1,000,000. Drawing parallels from the surge in lawsuits related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States, European companies must prioritize digital accessibility or risk severe financial repercussions.

Industry Insight

Alex Adamopoulos, Emergn CEO, emphasised the importance of digital accessibility, stating, “Accessibility should be a primary concern in digital design, akin to any other key business strategy.” He highlighted the global impact, noting that 16% of the population lives with a disability, and inaccessible design hinders their interaction with digital platforms.

Kristina Barrick, Head of Business Influencing at disability equality charity Scope, also acknowledged the importance of digital accessibility tools, stating, “Digital accessibility is at the heart of that, and any tools which help are a step in the right direction.”

As the business landscape adapts to rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks, Emergn’s Infinity Design System stands as a crucial tool for businesses striving to stay ahead in digital accessibility. The system not only aligns with emerging standards but also reflects a commitment to inclusive and responsible business practices, ensuring that no community is overlooked in the digital sphere.