According to a recent survey conducted by Seismic, a global leader in enablement, 61% of UK business leaders have encountered resistance to new technologies from different generational groups within their companies.

The study, which focused on the adoption, use, and effectiveness of enablement technology, revealed that resistance to adopting these technologies spans across all generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

Generational Resistance to Technology Adoption

The survey highlighted significant levels of resistance to enablement technology adoption among different generational cohorts:

  • Generation X exhibited high levels of resistance, with 74% of enablement users recalling this generation’s reluctance to adopt new technologies at work.
  • Millennials also showed resistance, with nearly half (46%) of respondents noting their hesitation to adapt or change.

Overcoming this resistance is crucial for businesses aiming to achieve higher levels of organisational success and maximise the potential of their go-to-market (GTM) teams. This is particularly important as 84% of respondents plan to either increase or retain their investment in enablement technology in 2024, with 83% citing it as key to weathering difficult economic times.

Solving Integration and Workflow Issues

The study found that 42% of enablement technology users reported organisational struggles in fully adopting the technology, citing issues with integration into internal workflows as a significant barrier. Additionally, over half (54%) of multi-departmental enablement users noted inconsistent levels of technology adoption across GTM teams, attributing this disparity to varying levels of technology readiness, awareness, and resistance to change.

To address these challenges, 87% of respondents stressed the importance of comprehensive training programs tailored to various learning styles and preferences. Custom training programs are viewed as critical for all generations, with particular emphasis on Generation Z, where respondents highlighted challenges in learning and adapting to new technologies quickly.

Final Thoughts from Industry Leaders

Paige O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Seismic, emphasised the importance of enablement in bridging generational differences and addressing key challenges faced by organisations today. Patricia Peral, Senior Director of GTM Enablement at Beeline, underscored the responsibility of enablement leaders in ensuring widespread understanding and adoption of new technologies across all generations.

As organisations navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, addressing generational differences in technology adoption is paramount. Customised training programs and effective integration strategies play a crucial role in fostering an agile and innovative workforce, ultimately driving business success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.