Tower Hamlets Council has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative, the Women’s Commission, aimed at fostering inclusivity, empowerment, and equality within the borough.

Designed to support and empower local women while promoting equality of opportunity across various facets of life, including work, public engagement, social activities, and family life, the Commission represents a significant step towards a fairer and more supportive community.

Empowering Local Women

The Women’s Commission invites local women to engage with its mission, share information about its objectives, and consider active participation as commissioners. By offering opportunities for involvement, the Commission seeks to harness the diverse perspectives and talents of women across Tower Hamlets to drive positive change and address issues of inequality and discrimination.

The launch of the Women’s Commission coincided with a special celebration and awards event commemorating International Women’s Day on Thursday 7 March. The event served as a platform for local women to come together, enjoy music and dance performances, and honour the remarkable achievements of women in various domains. Among the highlights were the TH IWD Achievement Awards, recognising outstanding individuals for their contributions to the community:

  • Unsung Hero award 2024 – Ferdous Ahmed
  • Female Carer of the Year 2024 – Mirza Hazira Begum
  • Female Volunteer of the Year 2024 – Ruma Afroze Rakhi
  • Female Business Leader of the Year 2024 – Farzana Begum
  • Womens Group of the Year 2024 – Mohila Ongan

Commitment to Women’s Empowerment

Addressing attendees at the IWD event, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, reaffirmed the council’s commitment to supporting women and girls across the borough. He highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality, including investments in education, healthcare, housing, and community services. The Executive Mayor also announced plans for the development of a new culturally sensitive women’s centre to cater to the needs of women in Tower Hamlets.

To facilitate engagement and provide information about the Women’s Commission, a dedicated section has been established on the council’s website. Interested individuals can visit to learn more about the Commission’s objectives and consider joining as commissioners. The website outlines the Commission’s overarching mission to inspire, empower, and promote equity for all women and provides insights into its key focus areas, including health, community safety, leadership, and employment.

In the coming months, the Commission will conduct resident engagement sessions across the borough to gather insights and feedback from local women. By learning from personal experiences and understanding the challenges faced by women and girls, the Commission aims to develop a comprehensive Women’s Strategy and action plan tailored to address the specific needs and priorities of Tower Hamlets’ diverse community.