In a recently conducted survey titled ‘The Work Project,’ global employee experience agency has presented an analysis of the contemporary work environment. The study, which encompassed more than 4,000 employees from 17 industries across 53 countries, shares key insights about what contributes to a positive day at work.

The Work Project was conceptualised to provide business leaders with an understanding of the quality of days employees are experiencing at work and the factors impacting these experiences. The survey identified six primary levers that contribute to a healthy work culture: purpose, leadership, belonging, listening, vision, and wellbeing.

Key findings reveal that fewer than one in three employees (30%) would actively recommend their current workplace, while 55% of employees are currently seeking a new job. Moreover, the industries where employees are most likely to find their work meaningful are technology, health, professional and business services, and financial services.

On the other hand, employees in the energy, community and social services, charity, and leisure and hospitality industries are less likely to perceive their work as meaningful or consider their company to be a force for good in the world.

The research underscores a significant correlation between the sense of purpose employees derive from their work and the number of ‘good days’ they have at the workplace. Notably, 78% of employees who believe their work has purpose report having more good days at work, a figure nearly double that of those who feel their work has less purpose (43%).

Hattie Roche, Co-Managing Director & Strategy Chief at, highlighted the importance of ‘purpose’ at work. She stated that meaningful work is crucial for an employee’s sense of satisfaction and contributes to their overall wellbeing.

Roche also noted that although some of the survey’s results present challenging realities for many leaders and HR teams, it represents a critical juncture in the realm of employee experience. This data offers an opportunity to adopt a more human-centred approach to work, a concept that holds the potential to transform the employee experience and subsequently improve business outcomes.

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