Socially Recruited, an AI-powered recruitment platform, is aiming to transform the traditional approach to talent acquisition by leveraging machine learning to target and engage potential candidates through tailored adverts on popular social media platforms.

In the past 12 months, the platform has witnessed an extraordinary 700% year-on-year surge in responses, with 3.3 million candidates applying for positions offered by prominent employers like Amazon, Lidl, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Socially Recruited, founded in 2017, utilises AI to precisely target job adverts by analysing nearly four million individual data points. This granular approach identifies suitable candidates based on their social media presence and activities. The platform’s advanced algorithms allow it to build diverse and extensive applicant pools, outperforming conventional recruitment methods.

Targeting ‘Passive Candidates’

The platform’s AI-led strategy, including individually tailored ads on platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok, has resulted in nearly half a billion people viewing ads in 2023 alone. The platform’s impressive efficiency is demonstrated by an average of eight applications per minute to job adverts placed by Socially Recruited.

One of the platform’s distinctive features is its ability to reach ‘passive candidates,’ individuals not actively job hunting but possessing ideal qualifications. By strategically placing ads in their social media feeds, Socially Recruited taps into this untapped market, representing approximately 80% of the recruitment landscape.

AI’s Role in Diversity and Inclusion

AI-driven recruitment not only accelerates the process but also minimises unconscious bias. The platform focuses solely on skills and qualifications, disregarding factors like educational background, race, or gender. This commitment ensures a broader, more diverse candidate pool.

Despite rising unemployment, the UK’s labour market remains tight, with 934,000 unfilled job vacancies according to the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures. Socially Recruited’s innovative approach comes at a crucial time, with 40% of companies reporting ‘hard-to-fill’ positions.

AI Adoption by Job Seekers

While companies increasingly turn to AI for recruitment, job seekers are also embracing AI tools to enhance their prospects. Tools like ChatGPT and LazyApply empower candidates to refine their applications and automate the application process.

Ben Keighley, founder of Socially Recruited, dispels the notion that AI is a threat to jobs, asserting its role in finding new opportunities for individuals. He emphasizes the ability of AI to delve deeper into data, reaching candidates overlooked by traditional methods. Additionally, AI-driven recruitment reduces unconscious bias, ensuring a fairer selection process.

Keighley predicts a surge in candidates leveraging AI tools to gain a competitive edge. The rise of automated application tools may inundate HR departments with unsuitable applications. Staying ahead of this trend with targeted and efficient recruitment campaigns will be crucial for employers in 2024.