In an industry-first move, CV Wallet, a ground-breaking career management app, has launched a Blue Tick verification for CVs to enhance trust in the recruitment process. This innovative feature will arm job seekers with an authentic profile, increasing their chances of employment.

Amidst the rising concern of CV deception caused by the expansion of generative AI in recruitment, CV Wallet’s new feature is a proactive solution. The Blue Tick verification allows candidates to display which parts of their CV have been authenticated and to what degree.

Moreover, CV Wallet ensures job seekers maintain complete authority over their personal data. Verified credentials are securely kept in a decentralised wallet on the user’s phone, which can then be easily shared with prospective employers. This system is bolstered by secure blockchain technology, offering a dependable platform for storing and sharing validated information.

Richard Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, commented: “Our complimentary Blue Tick verification enables candidates to instantaneously show their authenticity and qualifications to employers, thus enhancing their prospects of employment. It fundamentally accelerates the process. More importantly, it is a vital step towards restoring faith in a fractured recruitment process and addressing a long-standing issue that has loomed over the industry.”

When candidates share their CV, they receive a unique token for verification, displayed at the bottom of the document. Employers can use these token details on the verification page to access an in-depth overview of the authenticated elements. This includes identity, right to work status, email, skills, qualifications, and experience. The overview reveals various levels of proof, indicating whether a section of the CV has been self-verified, verified with evidence, or validated by a third party.

For employers, Blue Tick verification offers peace of mind from the onset of the recruitment process. With the reassurance that the candidate is genuine and that the CV details have been authenticated, employers can make informed decisions about potential hires, streamlining the recruitment process. This improved experience is beneficial for both job seekers and employers. Verified information gives candidates a competitive advantage, while employers can concentrate on finding the best skills for their organisation without unnecessary delays or doubts.

Beverly Collins, co-founder of CV Wallet, stated, “At CV Wallet, our mission is to create a platform with trust at its core. We understand the far-reaching impact of recruitment, and its implications for both individuals and organisations. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that every interaction on our platform is founded on authenticity and credibility. By utilising advanced verification features and cutting-edge Web3 technologies, CV Wallet is setting a new standard in the recruitment industry.”

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CV Wallet is a revolutionary Career Management App that integrates the latest technology into the hands of job seekers for the first time. It offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to assist users at every stage of their career. These include Smart CVs, Jobs Manager, Blue Tick verification, and Careers Hub. All data is stored in a free, decentralised wallet to securely safeguard users’ personal data and privacy.

CV Wallet was co-founded by Richard and Beverly Collins, the duo behind ClickIQ, a programmatic advertising start-up that revolutionised how companies automate and manage their recruitment advertising. The platform was sold to Indeed in 2019, just 800 days after launch.