In an innovative move, Hexaware Technologies has launched the SONIC Learning framework, a novel initiative aimed at enhancing employee development. The SONIC (Sound Of New Initiatives in Certification) framework is Hexaware’s latest endeavor to create a learning-centric work environment, highlighting their commitment to employee growth and development in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The standout feature of the SONIC framework is its unique approach to learning and development. By removing the cap on reimbursement costs, Hexaware enables employees to pursue an unlimited number of external certifications each year, providing a significant incentive for continuous learning and skill enhancement. This approach not only empowers Hexawarians to stay ahead in their respective fields but also aligns with the organization’s vision of fostering a dynamic and agile workforce.

Employees participating in SONIC are eligible for a learning bonus, which ranges from 3,000 to 12,000 InAwe points. These points, redeemable on Hexaware’s employee portal, are awarded based on the relevance of the skill to market demand, further motivating employees to align their learning paths with industry trends.

Leadership Perspectives on SONIC

Vinod Chandran, COO at Hexaware, emphasized the company’s vision of being more than just a workplace. He highlighted the organization’s dedication to supporting its employees’ growth journey through the SONIC framework. Similarly, Satyendu Mohanty, Global Head – Talent Management, described SONIC as an embodiment of continuous skill enhancement and limitless learning. He elaborated on the diverse options offered by SONIC, ranging from industry-recognized courses and certifications to involvement in hackathons and peer mentoring.

Expansive Learning Portfolio and Global Reach

Hexaware’s commitment under the SONIC framework extends to upskilling 12,383 employees across regions including India, the US, and the UK. The learning portfolio under SONIC is vast, primarily focusing on IT subjects such as Cloud certifications, DevOps, and React, but also including key areas like Project Management and Agile methodologies.

Hexaware’s SONIC framework represents more than just a learning program; it is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating an ecosystem of growth and empowerment. By offering boundless opportunities for skill acquisition and career advancement, Hexaware is positioning itself as a leader in fostering a culture of perpetual learning and development in the technology industry.