Forrester’s latest 2024 predictions paint a transformative picture for European firms in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology. As the European Union AI Act nears enforcement in 2025, a significant 50% of large European companies are gearing up to invest proactively in AI compliance.

This strategic shift underscores the urgency to devise robust AI compliance strategies, encompassing the acquisition of new technology, talent, and necessary third-party support.

The rise of AI-generated misinformation, such as deepfakes and faux influencers, intensifies this urgency. As a result, credible news sources like the BBC are becoming increasingly valuable. Forrester’s extensive analysis covers various sectors including technology, B2B marketing, AI, customer experience (CX), and the evolving work landscape. These insights are critical for leaders aiming to stay competitive and flourish in the rapidly changing business environment.

Key Predictions for 2024:

  1. Europe Leading in Hybrid Work Models: Europe is expected to surpass the US in adopting flexible work arrangements, with a significant proportion of European workers operating remotely, indicating a shift towards more agile and adaptable work environments.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience Through Generative AI: For the first time in years, CX is expected to improve, thanks to generative AI aiding customer service agents in providing faster and more effective responses, thereby resolving issues efficiently and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  3. Prompt Engineering in Cloud Services: Cloud hyperscalers are set to introduce prompt engineering services. However, the adoption of these services in enterprises is anticipated to be limited.
  4. Boost in Productivity via Enterprise AI: Generative AI is poised to elevate productivity across all IT roles, enhancing creative problem-solving by up to 50% and fostering innovation.
  5. Shift in B2B Buying Preferences: Millennials, who now form the majority of business buying teams, are showing a marked preference for early interactions with B2B product experts, highlighting the importance of personal engagement in sales processes.

Laura Koetzle, VP and Group Director at Forrester, emphasizes the crucial role of generative AI applications, urging enterprises to actively engage with these technologies to stay compliant and leverage their potential to enhance employee and customer engagement.

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