In a collaborative effort, the University of Roehampton and BIG South London are set to host an event on 20 March, unveiling an Innovation Voucher funding scheme aimed at supporting businesses and charities in South London.

The scheme, offering Innovation Vouchers worth up to £5,000, aims to foster partnerships between academic experts and local organisations, providing a boost for businesses striving to achieve their goals.

Empowering Collaborations through Innovation Vouchers

The Innovation Vouchers are designed to facilitate collaboration between businesses, charities, and academic researchers from the University of Roehampton. With a financial support of up to £5,000, organisations can engage with academic experts on specific projects crucial for their growth. These projects may span various domains, including market research, product development and testing, marketing, strategy development, or research assistance.

The upcoming event serves as a platform for businesses and charities to gain insights from organisations and academics that have previously undertaken successful Innovation Voucher projects. Attendees will learn about the benefits of the scheme and have the opportunity to connect with academic experts aligned with their business requirements.

Paul Kirkbright, representing South London Partnership and BIG South London, emphasises the knowledge and value that businesses can gain through collaboration with a university. He encourages local organisations unfamiliar with the University of Roehampton to attend the event and explore potential collaborations.

Open Opportunities for Diverse Sectors

The Innovation Voucher funding scheme is inclusive, welcoming businesses and charities from any sector. The focus areas include mental and physical health and wellbeing, business sustainability and growth, and green skills and the built environment.

José Magalhães, Head of Research and Knowledge Exchange Development at the University of Roehampton, underscores the institution’s commitment to fostering collaborations with businesses. He highlights that the Innovation Voucher scheme provides organisations with an opportunity to embark on a funded short-term collaboration, potentially leading to longer-term relationships.

The event is scheduled for 20 March, commencing at 16:30 at the Elm Grove Conference Centre, University of Roehampton. Attendees can explore practical case studies, connect with potential academic collaborators, and understand how Innovation Voucher funding can be utilised.

For more information and to secure a place at the event, interested parties can register here.