Zoom, the intelligent collaboration platform, has unveiled two significant updates to its Zoom Events portfolio: the Production Studio and a mobile app, specifically crafted for hybrid events. These new features will streamline the hybrid experience, enable event professionals to broaden their audience reach, and cultivate community engagement beyond the events themselves.

The Production Studio for Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions, launched today, opens up a world of possibilities for event, marketing, and internal communications professionals. The feature allows users to easily design virtual event elements, creating polished and dynamic events without the need for a production agency.

Annika Elias, product manager at Zoom, commented on this development, “Now, every event pro has access to professional-looking events in an easy-to-use interface, without spending thousands of dollars on a production agency. Other ‘out of the box’ webinar solutions don’t allow you to customise the look and feel of your event, which makes for a bland and less engaging experience. With Production Studio, event specialists can curate and customise the attendee experience without needing specialised design skills.”

The Production Studio offers a multitude of features to make virtual events unique and on-brand, including dynamic layout options, custom branding, presenter management tools, and technical features like cloud recording and third-party live-streaming capabilities. Existing Webinar customers will soon be able to access all of these features by upgrading to a Zoom Sessions or Zoom Events licence.

In addition to the Production Studio, Zoom also introduced an updated mobile app with access to Zoom Events. The mobile app, available globally for Android and iOS, facilitates the management of itineraries, event chats, session Q&As, and networking for mobile users.

The mobile app also supports hybrid experiences, allowing attendees to join the event, explore, bookmark and attend sessions, receive important event notifications, navigate physical spaces using maps and digital aides, and easily switch between in-person and virtual / on-demand sessions. During live events, mobile app users can access event sessions, participate in chats, polls, and Q&A, and view recordings of past events.

Zoom has also improved its hybrid setup flow for event hosts. The new features, available in the web portal, are aimed at simplifying the process of planning hybrid events. With the ability to use templates to easily set up hybrid events, add venue maps, and set up a native hybrid experience via the Zoom mobile app, event professionals can now overcome the challenges associated with hybrid event planning.

You can see the Production Studio and the Zoom Events mobile app in action from 3rd to 4th October at Zoomtopia, where Zoom will be using the feature to bring virtual content to life.