360Learning, the collaborative learning SaaS leader with a global presence, has completed the acquisition of eLamp, an innovative AI-driven skills platform. This strategic acquisition aligns with 360Learning’s overarching mission of embracing AI and skills to become the prime choice for international businesses aiming to reskill and upskill their teams internally.

Businesses, regardless of their size, have recognised skills as a primary challenge, with this challenge acting as an obstruction to their expansion and leaving them at a disadvantage in the face of competition. The issue of skills deficiency is projected to amplify; the World Economic Forum anticipates that by 2025, half of the global workforce will require reskilling. Moreover, as seasoned professionals with highly sought-after expertise retire, there emerges a substantial void that becomes resource-intensive for HR departments to fill.

Established in 2015, eLamp has made its mark as an AI-backed skills platform catering to technically advanced industries. Its clientele includes names like Artelia, Bouygues Construction, and the nuclear establishment, Naval Group. eLamp’s AI-driven approach to redefining skills management in organisations was a significant factor drawing 360Learning towards this collaboration.


Out with Old Skills Matrixes; AI Bridges the Skill Gaps

Traditional methods of identifying skill deficiencies within organisations have proven to be time-consuming, financially draining, and obsolete by the time they’re rolled out. In contrast, AI is streamlining the process by swiftly identifying the areas of improvement and laying down efficient learning paths. These paths serve dual purposes: upskilling (enhancing skills for the current role) and reskilling (preparing employees for new roles due to strategic changes).

Integrating eLamp’s technology, 360Learning aims to bolster its platform to effectively address the persistent challenges businesses face in upskilling and reskilling. This integration ensures that businesses can promptly deliver the necessary skills-based learning, while also monitoring emerging skill gaps via dedicated dashboards.

Additionally, 360Learning’s clientele can harness AI-driven skills ontology or interface their platform with pre-existing skills ontology systems like SAP or Workday. This fusion will empower HR and L&D teams to anticipate and address future skill requirements.


Merging AI and Collaborative Learning

Since its inception in 2013, 360Learning has been a proponent of using technology to magnify the benefits of collaborative learning. With AI, they aim to identify skill gaps more accurately and pinpoint internal experts to aid in the upskilling and reskilling process. 360Learning’s recent AI innovations include ‘Robyn’, an AI assistant that assists experts in crafting courses and disseminating their expertise for the benefit of others. Moreover, 360Learning’s exclusive AI certification for L&D aspires to familiarise L&D professionals with groundbreaking AI solutions to amplify their contributions.

The union with eLamp will enable 360Learning to push the boundaries of AI in skills-based learning. This amalgamation will arm L&D teams with the capability to detect content deficiencies in their learning paths and engage the most suitable internal experts for content creation.

Nick Hernandez, 360Learning’s co-founder and CEO, commented on the transformative potential of AI in reshaping the way companies approach skills and learning. Through the eLamp acquisition, he believes that 360Learning stands as the pioneer in unifying the entire upskilling value chain on a single platform, transitioning from merely identifying skill gaps to creating and rolling out effective training plans.

eLamp’s co-founder and CEO, Olivier Rohou, echoed the enthusiasm, highlighting the company’s accomplishments over the past eight years in establishing skills management workflows for varied businesses. He sees the acquisition as an opportunity to maximise the benefits of becoming a skills-based organisation.

Valérie Guyot, VP People EMEA at Arkance (Groupe Monnoyeur), a mutual client of both companies, expressed anticipation towards leveraging the combined strengths of eLamp and 360Learning. This alliance, according to Guyot, promises to significantly boost employees’ professional development and the company’s internal mobility.