DisasterReady, an online learning platform, recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. This milestone marks a significant achievement for the platform, which is managed by the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation. Over the past decade, DisasterReady has made a profound impact in the field of humanitarian training, providing free, high-quality online learning content that focuses on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.

Based in London, DisasterReady leverages Cornerstone’s advanced learning management system, offering equitable access to education in this critical field. The platform has grown to be one of the largest and most trusted professional development platforms for humanitarian and development work worldwide. It reports an impressive average of 1,000 sign-ups per day, having served over one million humanitarians from 195 countries. These professionals provide aid in various disasters, including the Israel-Hamas war, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, earthquakes in Afghanistan, flooding in Libya, and wildfires in Hawaii.

Tina Bolding, Director of DisasterReady.org, highlighted the increasing need for disaster readiness, especially given the rising number of geopolitical issues and natural disasters globally. In 2022 alone, the Emergency Event Database recorded 387 natural hazards and disasters, emphasizing the importance of DisasterReady’s work. Bolding noted, “Our 10-year mark coincides with today’s pressing need for disaster readiness… This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to increasing the skills of humanitarian professionals as they prepare for the critical work they do.”

DisasterReady’s contributions extend to its vast library of over 1,500 online learning resources available in nine languages. The platform offers free certifications and courses covering a wide range of topics such as Core Humanitarian Essentials, Personal Safety and Security, Project Management, Emergency Healthcare, Psychological First Aid, and Child Protection.

Highlighting the impact of the platform, Mike Liontiris, Medical Director at CADUS, a Germany-based non-profit organization that responds to humanitarian emergencies with medical and technical support, praised DisasterReady. He stated, “Our partnership with DisasterReady has provided us with a solid foundation for disaster management training that otherwise would have taken us months, if not years, to build on our own. DisasterReady has helped our team be flexible and ready for anything that comes our way so we can respond and provide humanitarian aid faster.”

The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, founded in 2010, is the driving force behind DisasterReady. The Foundation is dedicated to transforming the way people help people. Utilizing technology from Cornerstone, a leader in learning and talent experience solutions, the Foundation assists non-profit organizations globally. It focuses on developing, engaging, and empowering their employees, volunteers, and the people they serve. In addition, the Foundation increases access globally to professional development through its free online learning programmes — www.disasterready.org and www.nonprofitready.org. Learn more at www.cornerstoneondemand.org.