A group of Cardiff business owners, operating a fleet of My Window Cleaner vans, has transformed their vehicles into ‘sleighs’ this Christmas season.

Their mission? Collecting over 1,000 toys and goods for charity, benefitting Cardiff-based initiatives, Boomerang and The Toybox Project.

This initiative, led by five local business owners – Oli, Gareth, Owen, Joyce, and John – has rallied support across Cardiff, the Vale, and Newport to spread some festive cheer among the less fortunate.

The concerted efforts of these local business owners, each representing a My Window Cleaner fleet in various parts of Cardiff, Newport, and the Vale, have resulted in an overwhelming response from their communities. Oli, focusing on Boomerang, has amassed over 50 additional collection bags. Meanwhile, Gareth, Owen, Joyce, and John have directed their efforts towards The Toybox Project, reaching out to their customer base and using their online management software to expand their collections.

Reflecting on the initiative, Oli, the owner of Cardiff city’s My Window Cleaner, expressed immense pride in the collective effort, stating, “It’s my responsibility to use my business and resources for good for everyone’s benefit. It feels incredible to have temporarily turned my van into a sleigh to ensure everyone can enjoy Christmas this year.”

Christmas Charity: The Toybox Project

Joyce, co-owner of west Cardiff’s My Window Cleaner, added, “Transforming our business into a community-driven project over the festive season has been so rewarding, and we’re thrilled to aid The Toybox Project in reaching more families than ever before.”

Boomerang Cardiff, a charity dedicated to supporting individuals in poverty while also focusing on health, well-being, and education, has appreciated the tremendous support during this busy period. Founder Paul Gwilym praised Oli’s exceptional efforts, highlighting the collective kindness and generosity from the local community and beyond.

The Toybox Project, known for rehoming toys to those in need, has partnered with My Window Cleaner to ensure that no toy goes unloved this Christmas, reaching NHS, schools, and playgroups in their effort to make the season accessible for all.

For more information on Boomerang’s community efforts, visit www.boomerangcardiff.org.uk or learn about The Toybox Project at www.toyboxproject.co.uk/.