The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE) has announced the launch of Enterprise Spark, a pioneering programme designed to transform entrepreneurship education for 16-18-year-olds.

First piloted in 2023 at Charterhouse School, Enterprise Spark aims to redefine how business, technology, and entrepreneurial skills are taught to the next generation.

Enterprise Spark was developed following an assessment of traditional enterprise education methods, which highlighted a significant gap in engaging and effective training for young learners. The IOEE recognised that a one-size-fits-all approach was insufficient, leading to the creation of a programme that offers an engaging, fun, and challenging learning experience comparable to playing a favourite video game. The goal is to inspire students from diverse backgrounds to view entrepreneurship as a viable and exciting career path.

Shifting Mindsets and Embracing Entrepreneurship

The programme’s primary objective is to encourage young learners to think big and embrace the complexities of launching their own businesses. Through practical, real-world applications, students not only learn the fundamentals of business but also develop the confidence to bring their ideas to life. Sandip Patel, Head of Entrepreneurship at Charterhouse School, highlighted the programme’s impact, stating, “We are asking A-Level students to think like non-A-Level students,” emphasising Enterprise Spark’s ability to foster creative and independent thinking.

A standout feature of Enterprise Spark is its integration of AI technology. Students interact with AI personas skilled in finance, planning, and marketing, providing a risk-free environment to explore real-world business scenarios. From pitching to investors to brainstorming marketing strategies, these AI mentors guide students through practical entrepreneurial challenges, offering invaluable insights and experience.

Academic Benefits and Future Prospects

The programme also offers substantial academic benefits. Students who complete the Enterprise Spark qualification earn 16 UCAS points, thanks to the Level 3 Certificate in Applied Entrepreneurship designed by SFEDI Awards. This accreditation not only recognises the educational value of the programme but also enhances students’ future academic and career prospects.

Enterprise Spark aims to combine innovative teaching methods with the latest AI technology to create a dynamic learning experience. As the IOEE continues to lead in enterprise education, Enterprise Spark is set to transform how entrepreneurship is taught in schools and colleges.