Mark Cresswell, CEO of Scalable Software, shares insights and predictions for the year ahead.

Cresswell foresees the rise of a new organizational role – the Employee Experience Manager (EEM) – and offers perspectives on the continuing debate between Return to Office (RTO) and Work From Home (WFH).

Cresswell predicts a pivotal shift in organisational dynamics, with a pronounced emphasis on employee experience. Central to this shift is the creation of the Employee Experience Manager (EEM) role, set to be a highly sought-after position in 2024 according to LinkedIn forecasts. EEMs, in collaboration with IT teams, will delve into data gathered from various employee interactions, particularly across digital channels, to identify and mitigate any obstacles hindering productivity.

“By working with the relevant line of business manager to eliminate these productivity blockers, EEMs ensure staff are engaged and effective,” Cresswell adds. “The organisations that prioritise digital experience will be those who can attract and hold onto the best talent.”

The Ongoing RTO vs. WFH Debate

Additionally, while the debate between Return to Office (RTO) and Work From Home (WFH) gained momentum in 2023, it will likely intensify in 2024.

Cresswell adds, “The debate is largely due to ‘productivity paranoia’ – the fear that employees aren’t getting enough work done at home. Without accurate metrics to measure productivity, many managers still rely on ‘management by walking around’, and equate office attendance to business outcomes.”

Additionally, Cresswell advocates leveraging Digital Experience Analytics (DEX) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) tailored to individual organisations. Objective measurement of relevant metrics through these means could dispel productivity concerns and redirect focus towards outcomes and talent, irrespective of the physical workspace.

He says, “By looking past presenteeism and focusing on talent and outcomes, organisations can enable employees to be happy and productive, wherever they are working.”