In a groundbreaking move, CV Wallet has introduced an advanced SaaS-based hiring platform for recruitment professionals. This novel platform promises to deliver only verified and qualified candidates right from the outset of the hiring journey, streamlining the recruitment process significantly.

CV Wallet, known as Resume Wallet in the US, aims to tackle persistent recruitment challenges, such as generic job advertising, maintaining talent pool data, and escalating discrepancies in CVs. The platform’s foundation rests on CV Wallet’s career management app, which utilises cutting-edge blockchain and AI technology.

Richard Collins, CV Wallet’s co-founder, expressed his optimism about the launch: “With our new hiring platform, we’re transforming the way recruitment happens. Our use of cutting-edge technologies creates a recruitment experience that meets the demands of the digital age, where AI has exacerbated the challenge of wading through unsuitable applications. We’re introducing tools that redefine how recruiters source, verify, and engage with jobseekers, making the entire process faster and more effective.”


Integrated Verification Tools Optimise Recruitment Process

This innovative recruiter platform is strategically designed to integrate effortlessly with recruiters’ existing technological frameworks. Some of its standout features encompass:

  • Verification Tools: These tools expedite the recruitment journey by promptly qualifying and verifying candidates at the inception.
  • Talent Clouds: This feature revolutionises talent pool management by granting candidates the autonomy to securely manage and update their personal details.
  • Programmatic Skills-based Sourcing: This function automates the process of sourcing candidates predicated on specific skill sets.


Beverly Collins, CV Wallet’s co-founder, accentuated the transformative potential of this new platform: “This is a game changer. CV Wallet’s platform for recruiters is ripping up the hiring process, empowering jobseekers while slashing the wasted effort inherent in hiring. Recruiters can now skip the tedious CV sifting process and dive straight into meaningful interactions with qualified applicants. Along with our career management app, we’re ensuring candidates are in control of their data while recruiters can cut to the chase with effective and timely hires.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, the emergence of platforms such as CV Wallet’s indicates a shift towards a more efficient and digitised hiring process. For those adapting to these changes, experts suggest embracing technology, continually updating skills, and staying abreast of industry trends. As the recruitment domain continues its digital transformation, such tools and approaches will become invaluable assets for recruiters worldwide.

The recruiter platform is available in free, business and enterprise packages.