New research data released by Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. highlights a significant increase in the demand for learning content in the workplace. The primary driver for this demand is professional skills development courses. Data from over 1 million global learners, sourced from aggregated anonymous customer data, showed a 30% increase in overall active learners from the previous year. Additionally, more than half of the total learning time was dedicated to professional skills development. The most sought-after topics within this category include project management, business acumen, emotional intelligence, effective communication, and time management.

Cornerstone’s 2023 Talent Health Index has shown that nearly half of all employees feel they lack the necessary support from their employers to develop the skills they will need in the future. This has highlighted a growing gap between the needs of employees and the provisions of employers, leading to increased anxiety among the workforce.


Rise in Self-Directed Learning

As per Cornerstone’s data:

  • Time spent on online learning content, covering all topics and skills, increased by 38% year over year.
  • Self-directed learning is gaining traction, with learners spending 72% more time on content they choose, as opposed to content assigned to them.
  • In the first half of 2023, there was a 43% YOY growth in the number of employees actively engaging with learning content.
  • The same period witnessed a 35% YOY increase in the time employees dedicated to learning.
  • Content centred around professional skills remains a primary driver in the self-directed learning category. Effective communication, for instance, is among the top topics driving the highest registration numbers.

Companies that are adapting to these changes by investing in technology to support learning and development are witnessing tangible benefits.


Feedback from Industry Professionals

Adriana Viveros, Senior Instructional Designer at County of Orange, praised Cornerstone’s content solutions. She highlighted the user-friendly playlist creation, efficient filters, and team collaboration capabilities as key features that have transformed their content management process.

Similarly, Libby Becker, Lead Learning Consultant at World Wide Technology, spoke about the positive changes Cornerstone’s content solutions brought to their Learning & Development (L&D) programme. The intuitive content search, discovery, and preview capabilities offered by Cornerstone have enabled their L&D team to implement a more informed content strategy across their business.


Cornerstone’s Commitment to Future-Ready Content

Cornerstone continues to show its dedication to producing content that aligns with future skills. Their industry-leading Content Anytime (CCA) offers access to thousands of top-tier learning courses, which are meticulously curated and updated in line with current and upcoming business trends. In addition, Cornerstone Content Studio, an AI-powered platform for content curation, discovery, and insights, allows Cornerstone customers to leverage AI and context-awareness to simplify the discovery of new learning content. This platform aligns content strategies closely with business objectives. It is available to CSX customers and will soon be accessible to EdCast customers and SBX customers in the coming months.


Closing Thoughts from Cornerstone

Karthik Suri, Chief Product Officer at Cornerstone, remarked on the growing motivation among employees to seek continuous skills development opportunities within their organisations. The recent data trends underscore the sustained emphasis on professional skills development. This presents a unique chance for HR leaders to cater to this demand with content that is actively sought after, ensuring a wise investment. Proper learning content can significantly contribute to nurturing adept communicators, strategic thinkers, and highly effective teams.