Investors are invited to explore opportunities in two rapidly growing sectors: creative tech and sustainable chemical technologies.

Two events will provide insights into these high-potential areas, showcasing innovative companies and technologies.

On 3 July, MyWorld will host an event at The Sheds in Bristol’s Temple Quarter Enterprise, focusing on the creative tech sector. This event will highlight why the South West is a prime location for investment opportunities in creative tech.

The creative tech sector encompasses a wide range of technologies and sub-sectors, including gaming, film, TV and animation, immersive technologies, fashion, performing arts, and content creation. The UK British Angels Association (UKBAA) reports that the Creative Industries contribute £116 billion in GVA to the UK economy, surpassing the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, and oil and gas sectors combined. Despite its significant investment potential, the creative sector often struggles to connect with investors, and this event aims to bridge that gap.

Attendees will have the chance to meet pioneering creative tech companies from the South West, such as Condense, Meaning Machine, and Stornaway. They will also tour the innovative environment at this newly created production facility.

Sustainable Chemical Technologies Event in Swindon

On 17 July, the Carriage Works in Swindon will host an event dedicated to sustainable chemical technologies. This sector is rapidly developing, driven by the global push for Net Zero. Start-ups in this field are creating cleaner, safer, and more efficient chemical processes or transforming waste, plastic, and bio-based materials into value-added chemicals used across various industries, including health, construction, and manufacturing.

The event will provide investors with an opportunity to explore the advancements in sustainable chemical technologies and meet start-ups presenting their innovative solutions and investment opportunities.

Insights from SETsquared

Serena Giaminardi, Head of Programmes and Investment at SETsquared, highlighted the importance of these events: “We know that barriers to investment in emerging sectors can include lack of knowledge or experience in that space and uncertainty about the growth and returns. We are therefore inviting investors to come along and learn more about these two very different but equally exciting sectors, both of which are particularly strong in the South West.”

Giaminardi added, “The creative tech often brings together diverse fields such as design, technology, art, and business. This cross-pollination of ideas alongside rapid technological advancement makes it a hotbed of innovation. Whilst sustainable chemical technologies have huge potential for impact and growth in the near future and can offer fantastic returns on investment.”

Investors interested in the Creative Tech event can register here. For the Sustainable Chemical Technologies event, registration is available here.