Dynamic workplace management tech industry leader, HubStar, has unveiled a novel hybrid space management solution named HubStar Space, aimed at addressing the long-standing challenges of office space optimisation.

In the past, numerous companies have incurred substantial costs due to inadequately utilised office spaces. Without clear metrics to identify how much space was truly necessary or guidance on decreasing real estate footprints without compromising efficiency, offices often failed to offer an experience worth commuting for. HubStar’s latest offering aims to counter these inefficiencies by utilising patented algorithms to determine the exact type and amount of office space necessary to cater to employees’ diverse attendance needs.

Steve Vatidis, the Executive Chairman of HubStar, commented, “Workplace leaders are now presented with an unparalleled opportunity to reshape our working patterns.” He further highlighted the complexity of determining optimal work patterns and places that satisfy three core dimensions: the workforce, the company, and the broader environmental considerations. Vatidis believes that transitioning from a static to a dynamic workplace management system necessitates adaptable and interconnected strategies, automation, and datasets. HubStar Space, according to him, is paramount for establishing a high-performing hybrid workplace.

Traditional space management tools, which have served companies efficiently until recently, are becoming increasingly obsolete in the face of evolving workforce demands. These legacy tools suffer from significant limitations:

They cannot allocate space to individuals based on intricate work patterns and preferences, rendering them ineffective for hybrid occupancy strategies.
They lack the capability to rapidly and precisely modify floor plans, resulting in outdated office layouts that can frustrate employees.
Such limitations have led space planners to encounter escalating costs. They often resort to devising makeshift solutions and personalised codes, which unfortunately make systems prone to errors and demand excessive maintenance hours.

To address these challenges, HubStar has consolidated a range of integrated solutions – including HubStar Scheduling, HubStar Experience, HubStar Utilisation, and the newly launched HubStar Space – under the banner of HubStar One. This suite of tools equips workplace leaders with the agility needed to manage continuous change effectively.

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