New data released today reveals a record 80% of London’s night time industry workers now receive at least the London Living Wage.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has called upon the government to provide greater support for those working night shifts and conduct further research into mitigating the effects of nocturnal work on health and well-being.

With a quarter of London’s workforce (1.3 million) operating between 6 pm and 6 am, the need for additional support for night workers is apparent. Studies by The Liminal Space show that those working at night face higher health risks and social disparities compared to daytime workers, with higher probabilities of heart issues, diabetes, and relationship strains.

Encouraging Trends and Lingering Challenges

The percentage of night time industry workers receiving the London Living Wage has soared to a historic high of 80%, up from 72% in 2017. However, the data highlights that 39% of night time cultural and leisure workers, including hospitality, arts, and entertainment, still earn below this benchmark.

Mayor Khan and Night Czar Amy Lamé have expressed concern over the Home Secretary’s plans to increase the minimum salary requirement for skilled overseas workers. They warn that this move could exacerbate the struggle in filling vacancies within London’s already stressed hospitality sector.

Mayor Khan recently visited Vauxhall, part of his Night Time Enterprise Zones initiative, aimed at revitalising areas post-6 pm. The programme aims to enhance high street experiences, extend operating hours, and improve working standards for nighttime workers. The Mayor’s visit included witnessing health and wellbeing sessions for night workers, underscoring the programme’s commitment to supporting those working through the night.

Calls for Government Support of Night Workers

The Mayor stressed the need for Government intervention, stating, “I’m committed to doing all I can to help make London a fairer city for all… However, we need the Government to recognise the distinct needs of night workers and provide more support.”

Sarah Douglas, Founder of Night Club and Director at The Liminal Space, highlighted the importance of supporting nighttime workers’ wellbeing for a healthier and more productive society.

Cllr Claire Holland of Lambeth Council acknowledged the importance of projects like Vauxhall’s Night Time Enterprise Zone, celebrating the area’s diversity and aiming to address issues like poverty pay and inclusivity.

The call for greater support and understanding of the challenges faced by night workers echoes throughout London, with a plea for recognition and assistance from the government and businesses alike.