In a recent analysis by workplace wellbeing expert and CEO of Officeology, Adam Butler, trends have emerged regarding the popularity of London’s top 10 business districts.

Butler’s insights provide a comprehensive view of the changing dynamics of office demand in these areas.

District Popularity Rankings


Business Districts

Avg. Monthly Searches

Three Month Change

YoY Change


Canary Wharf office





Camden office





King’s Cross office





Shoreditch office





City of London office





Westminster office





Islington office





West end office





Southwark office





Lambeth office





The Rising Star: West End

The West End district, known for its burgeoning AI hub and high-quality office spaces, has demonstrated resilience despite economic challenges. With a 40% increase in search demand YoY, the area remains a focal point for businesses. The West End houses notable offices, such as Burberry HQ and The Telegraph, and is historically known for its premium office spaces. Prices in regions like St James and Mayfair can reach up to £130 per square foot per month. However, the high costs don’t appear to deter businesses. As demand has surged, so has the investment in premium office infrastructures, enhancing workplace quality and employee retention.

Districts Seeing Decline: Westminster and Lambeth

Westminster and Lambeth have observed the most significant declines in search interest. Westminster experienced a 67% YoY dip, while Lambeth saw a 50% decrease month on month. Adam Butler attributes this downturn mainly to the shift towards residential property development rather than office spaces.

Spotlight on Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf, renowned for its iconic skyscrapers and status as a leading financial hub in London, remains the most searched business district. Major financial institutions, including Barclays, operate from this area. Despite its appeal, Canary Wharf has seen a 19% decrease in YoY searches, possibly reflecting changing work patterns and the adoption of hybrid working models in the finance sector.

Camden’s Unique Appeal

Camden stands out as a hub for creative industries, boasting a rich cultural scene. With a revitalised image, Camden now positions itself as London’s startup capital, housing brands like Atlantic Books and ASOS. Offering more affordable Grade A office spaces than Canary Wharf, at approximately £45 – £60 per square foot per month, Camden continues to attract businesses. There are also plans for sustainable and co-working offices to be developed by 2024.

Kings Cross Connectivity

Kings Cross, part of the Camden borough, is one of London’s rapidly expanding business districts. Its excellent transport links make it an ideal location for businesses and employees. Despite its appeal, the district has seen a 46% YoY decrease in search interest, possibly due to rising rental costs, estimated between £65 – £87.50 per square foot.

Choosing the Right District

Adapting to evolving work practices, such as hybrid working, is crucial for businesses. Selecting the right district involves considering transport links, accessibility, and the district’s cultural environment. The West End’s success underlines the significance of investing in quality workspaces, and it remains to be seen how the district will further develop in the upcoming months.