A new report from NTT Ltd., a prominent IT infrastructure and services company, sheds light on the pivotal role of hybrid work flexibility in shaping successful employee experience (EX) strategies amidst the evolving work landscape. The 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report, unveiled today, delves into the intricate dynamics of contemporary workplace trends, notably hybrid work and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and their influence on EX strategies and their correlation with overall business performance.

Despite a whopping 90% of businesses acknowledging the positive impact of enabling hybrid and remote work on their bottom line, a stark contrast emerges with less than half (48%) of organisations affirming that employees have adequate access to the requisite technology to facilitate efficient work from both home and office environments. This discrepancy underscores a critical gap in the implementation of hybrid work models, despite their recognition and favourability among the majority of business leaders as fundamental to positive EX.

Approximately 56% of hybrid workers are spending half of their work week at the office, according to the report, indicating a structured approach to work being implemented by many organisations. However, the prevailing challenge remains: ensuring that employees are equipped with the necessary technologies to work effectively, irrespective of their location. The evolution of the EX narrative over recent years has transitioned it from a mere talking point to a business-wide priority, necessitating proactive measures to empower employees, ensuring connectivity and driving efficiency through the right technological infrastructure.

Top-performing companies that have augmented their IT spend and invested in EX technology have reaped tangible benefits, being 56% more likely than underperformers to report improved business growth due to enhancements in EX, and 89% more likely than all others to have significantly bolstered employee satisfaction.


Addressing the Disconnect: Aligning Employee Needs with Organisational Provision

Amit Dhingra, Executive Vice President of Network Services at NTT Ltd., highlighted a persistent disconnect between employee needs and the resources provided by businesses. “Too often we see hybrid working strategies focusing on one type of working style, despite employees wanting the flexibility to work in a way that suits them,” Dhingra commented.

He further noted the encouraging statistic that 73% of organisations agree that hybrid and remote working has propelled their investment in mobility over the last two years to enhance flexibility. However, Dhingra emphasised the need for further action to mitigate the disconnect and enhance EX, especially considering that satisfied and engaged employees are 66% more likely to deliver exceptional customer service.


AI’s Ascension and its Impact on Employee and Customer Experience

In addition to the hybrid work paradigm, EX is also being significantly impacted by the surge in AI technology, which has been voted as the #1 enabler of future customer experience (CX) and EX strategies. AI interfaces are anticipated to become the norm for 4 in 5 organisations within the forthcoming 12 months. However, a substantial 87% of organisations concur that human-led support retains its criticality in customer engagement.

Sheila McGee-Smith, President & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, reflected on NTT’s report findings, noting, “The adoption of AI is growing, driven by the real business outcomes revolutionary AI technologies are bringing. Organisations are seeking guidance on how to harness all that AI has to offer to succeed in dominating their markets while supporting employee fulfilment and well-being.”

In a landscape where the future of work is being continually reshaped by technological advancements and shifting employee expectations, organisations are tasked with the challenge of navigating through the complexities of implementing effective EX strategies. The insights from NTT Ltd.’s report offer a lens through which businesses can evaluate and recalibrate their strategies, ensuring alignment with both employee needs and organisational objectives in the evolving work environment.

To read the full report, please visit: https://services.global.ntt/en-us/campaigns/2023-global-employee-experience-trends-report