Recent findings from the Omdia – Future of Work study reveal that as work styles diversify, 57% of HR and IT leaders have seen an upturn in employee satisfaction. The study also suggests a decrease in employee contentment when a return to the office is enforced.

Intriguingly, the research anticipates that close to half of the employees will adopt a permanent hybrid or completely mobile working method. There is also an increasing inclination amongst businesses to seek enhanced assistance from their digital technology and service providers. A significant 76% of businesses are contemplating a change in their current digital supplier engagements.

A considerable consensus among businesses indicates the DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) advantages that come with hybrid work models. To enumerate:

  • 69% believe that hybrid work allows employees with varying accessibility requirements to access more opportunities.
  • 67% concur that it eradicates geographical constraints for employees.
  • 63% acknowledge the sense of unity it imparts amongst team members.
  • 61% recognise its role in minimising feelings of marginalisation among employees.
  • 59% think it aids in bridging recruitment gender disparities.

When selecting associates for their workplace transformation objectives, organisations are notably looking for:

  • Emphasis on advancing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices (28%).
  • Partners who provide outsourced services they intend to utilise, such as IT service desk, HR, and customer service (27%).
  • A digital platform enhancing their ability to seek support from collaborators (26%).

Adam Holtby, Omdia Principal Analyst for Mobile Workspace and the Future of Work report’s author, commented, “The evolution in work styles has influenced employee efficiency, contentment, and the client experience. Businesses require the expertise of digital associates, methodologies, and technologies to chart a course through successful future work ventures. Our study offers guidance to solution vendors and IT experts, elucidating how they can effectively address the digital workplace conundrums and transformational requisites of their clientele.”

The Future of Work report, offering insights into the primary workplace transformation preferences and hurdles encountered by businesses, can be accessed through a subscription here.