QA, a prominent provider of data, digital, and tech skills training, has teamed up with the Association of Apprentices (AoA) to establish learning communities for apprentices across various businesses.

In an era where collaboration and shared knowledge are essential, QA and AoA are taking the initiative to bring together apprentices from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to learn and develop collectively.

Apprentices enrolled in QA apprenticeship programmes will have access to a dynamic learning community facilitated by AoA. This collaboration aims to provide apprentices with shared knowledge, experiences, and networking opportunities to enhance their learning journey.

Comprehensive Membership Services

AoA offers a range of membership services to support apprentices, including AoA Connect, a custom virtual networking platform connecting apprentices nationwide, AoA Learn, providing access to courses, articles, and videos across various industries, and AoA Events held in collaboration with partners.

With over £3.3 billion in unspent apprenticeship levy funds returned to the Treasury between 2019 and 2022, QA and AoA recognise the importance of promoting the benefits of workplace learning. By creating learning communities, they aim to encourage businesses to invest in apprenticeships and foster a culture of continuous learning.

Driving Skills Development

QA boasts extensive experience in tech talent and training, having worked with numerous FTSE 100 companies and supported over 528,000 learners in technical and digital skills in 2022/23. Through partnerships with organisations like Sellafield Ltd and Cognizant, QA is committed to addressing the digital skills gap and equipping individuals and companies for success in the digital era.

The collaboration between QA and AoA is founded on the principles of providing apprentices with a supportive network, professional development opportunities, and career awareness. By leveraging AoA’s platform and QA’s expertise, they aim to empower apprentices and facilitate their growth and success in their respective fields.