A recent study conducted by Indeed Flex sheds light on the escalating financial burden faced by working mothers with children under the age of five.

According to the research, nearly a quarter of these mothers are taking on additional employment to cope with soaring childcare expenses.

The analysis reveals that over three quarters (77%) of mothers with young children have witnessed a surge in childcare costs over the past year. Alarmingly, nearly a third (31%) of these women find themselves allocating more than 40% of their earnings towards childcare expenses, underscoring the significant financial strain.

Government Initiatives and Parental Concerns

While the UK Government has announced plans to provide limited free childcare to eligible parents, many respondents express concerns about the implementation timeline and affordability. A third (32%) of surveyed women believe that these measures are not being rolled out swiftly enough, and a quarter (29%) anticipate that professional childcare will remain prohibitively expensive despite the support.

In response to the escalating childcare costs, a quarter (25%) of mothers with young children have sought additional employment to mitigate the financial impact. Temporary work emerges as a viable solution, with a quarter (25%) of respondents opting for such opportunities, citing flexibility as a key factor.

Novo Constare, CEO and Co-founder of Indeed Flex, emphasises the importance of flexible work arrangements in addressing the needs of working parents. He highlights the compatibility of temporary roles with childcare responsibilities, offering parents the flexibility to balance work and family commitments effectively.

“One solution that offers parents total flexibility, and the chance to find the mix that works for them, is temporary work. With shifts lasting from just four and a half hours, temping can fit seamlessly around childcare – whether that’s the school run in the morning or picking up the kids from nursery in the afternoon,” Constare said.

“Many companies also realise that if they want to attract and retain staff, they need to offer employment options that fit in with people’s lifestyles. Even sectors that traditionally didn’t offer flexible working options are starting to introduce them, meaning it is easier than ever to find temp jobs that slot perfectly around your childcare needs.”