New findings suggest that approximately one-third of European senior AI professionals doubt whether their C-suite leaders truly comprehend the risks and benefits associated with AI technology. A joint survey conducted by Dataiku and Databricks has also revealed that nearly half of these professionals believe AI necessitates further official regulation.

The survey gathered responses from senior AI professionals in large enterprises across Europe, focusing on various aspects of AI such as Generative AI, AI tools expenditure and ROI, AI use case reach, among others.

In a global context, the survey unveiled a widespread enthusiasm for Generative AI. Interestingly, when compared to their American counterparts, European senior AI professionals are more likely to perceive Generative AI as a revolutionary force that could alter our work paradigms. Specifically, 29% of Europeans endorsed this view, compared to 23% of American respondents.

Moreover, European data leaders tend to have clearer processes for executing AI projects and transitioning them into production. The survey showed that 57% of European respondents had such clear processes, while only 43% of American respondents could say the same.


Regulation Needed?

A notable area of concern revealed by the survey is that of AI regulation. Almost half of European respondents expressed that current AI regulations are insufficient and advocated for more stringent controls. Simultaneously, a third of respondents raised doubts about their organizational leaders’ understanding of AI’s potential risks and benefits.

Shaun McGirr, Field Chief Data Officer at Dataiku, commented on the findings, “We believe an ongoing dialogue and collaboration in AI is needed, and these findings show that data leaders across Europe and the U.K. are not insensitive to the potential downsides of this technology. Together, we need to increase public awareness about the potential impact of AI on society and future generations. Now is the time to have an honest conversation about how we want this technology to be used.”

The survey, carried out in June 2023, included data leaders from various enterprises and industries around the globe. It aimed to gauge AI adoption and perception. The data exhibited a near-even split on AI maturity, with 48% of respondents reporting that they are embedding or expanding data science and AI, while 51% are still in the experimental or establishment phase.

Prem Prakash, Head of AI Marketing at Databricks, reflected on these results, saying, “These findings demonstrate the significant interest in generative AI but also the accompanying challenges, from data access and privacy to regulation. As we navigate these challenges, our shared mission with Dataiku stands firm: to democratize data and AI, enabling every organization to build their generative AI solutions securely and cost-effectively.”

Last month, Dataiku was recognized as Databricks 2023 AI Partner of the Year at the Data + AI Summit in San Francisco. Their award-winning collaborative technology aids customers in deploying Generative AI to convert data into significant business outcomes.

For a deeper dive into the survey’s findings and a broader understanding of the landscape of AI adoption and perceptions, you can download the full report. You can also join the upcoming Dataiku + Databricks survey results webinar, AI by the Numbers: See How You Stack Up in the Race to Generative AI.

Download the comprehensive report to explore the full landscape of AI adoption and perceptions.