In a unique twist, TikTok, the popular social media app known for its entertaining videos, is now becoming a hub for professional advice, particularly in navigating corporate scenarios.
Spacepool, a flexible co-working and office space solution, discovered that hashtags like #corporatelife and #corporatetiktok collectively garnered over 16 billion views, indicating a growing interest in corporate culture and communication strategies among TikTok users.

Seeking Professional Advice

TikTok users, predominantly from younger demographics, are turning to the platform to seek guidance on handling various workplace situations professionally. Collaborating with a career coach, TikTok offers expert insights on trending corporate content, addressing scenarios ranging from dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour to managing workloads effectively.

  1. Navigating Professional Conversations: With videos like ‘How to professionally say ‘that sounds like a you problem”, users are learning to respond to challenging situations with diplomacy and tact, maintaining professionalism while addressing concerns.
  2. Handling Conflict: TikTok users are also learning effective strategies for dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour through videos like ‘How to respond when someone is being passive aggressive’. These insights encourage active listening and open dialogue to resolve conflicts constructively.
  3. Dealing with Dishonesty: Videos such as ‘How do I professionally call out a liar?’ provide guidance on addressing dishonesty in the workplace with transparency and direct communication, fostering trust and accountability.
  4. Setting Boundaries: Advice on saying ‘no’ to managers, as demonstrated in ‘How to say ‘no’ to your manager’, empowers employees to manage their workload effectively while maintaining open communication with superiors.
  5. Assertive Communication: TikTok users are also learning to assertively communicate boundaries, as demonstrated in ‘How to say ‘stop bothering me”. These videos stress the importance of maintaining professionalism and open communication channels.

Expert Insights and Recommendations

Career coach Liz Sebag-Montefiore emphasises the importance of clear and respectful communication in the workplace. She recommends direct communication, active listening, and non-threatening body language to foster productive interactions. Eugene Tavyev, Founder of Spacepool, underscores the significance of face-to-face communication, particularly in addressing sensitive topics effectively.

As workplaces evolve and communication dynamics change, platforms like TikTok are proving to be valuable resources for professional development. By leveraging social media as an educational tool, users can gain valuable insights and learn to navigate corporate scenarios confidently and efficiently.