Leading global remittance platform WorldRemit is set to launch its nationwide advertising campaign titled ‘I*m Migrant.’

The campaign, created in-house and operated by OLIVER, seeks to shift the narrative around migrant impact in the UK by highlighting the positive contributions of 15 migrants. The campaign features stories of individuals making a significant difference in their fields, including renowned figures such as Oladapo ‘Daps’ Fagbenle, a Nigerian-born British artist and video director, and Mariah Idrissi, a British-Pakistani-Moroccan model.

Celebrating Migrant Contributions

The creative content goes beyond celebrity figures, showcasing narratives of migrants providing healthcare in the NHS while supporting family abroad, influencing global music trends while also financing education in their home countries, and establishing non-profit organizations. These stories aim to represent the diverse and impactful contributions migrants make in both their destination and origin countries.

Additionally, WorldRemit intends to bring to life hundreds of stories as part of this campaign to champion the multifaceted impact of migrants. The initiative is driven by the belief that migrants often face stereotypes, negative sentiments, and misconceptions, and the campaign aims to humanize their experiences.

Facts and Figures

As of 2018/19, migrants have reportedly contributed more than £20 billion in net contributions to the UK tax and benefits system. The UN projects that by 2030, $2 trillion will have been saved or invested through remittances, showcasing the significant economic impact of migrants globally.

Patrick Stal, Chief Marketing Officer at WorldRemit, emphasized the importance of recognizing and celebrating the efforts of migrants. Stal stated, “Their impact is too often overlooked, and as a group they are too often anonymized. We will be putting a face to their impact, stand by them as we champion them and serve their efforts to make their worlds a better place.”

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion

Simon Martin, Founder and CEO of OLIVER, highlighted the significance of highlighting the benefits of migration and supporting diversity in media. Martin expressed that the campaign aligns with OLIVER’s core values and the ambition to be an inclusive organization.

Tony Williams, Managing Director at Crossmedia, also emphasized the importance of supporting diversity in media with tangible actions. The media planning executed by Crossmedia aims to generate maximum impact and extensive coverage, ensuring that migrant stories reach as many people across the UK as possible.

The ‘I*m Migrant’ campaign precedes the upcoming launch of WorldRemit’s new grant initiative, MyGrant, scheduled for 2024. MyGrant will award educational grants of up to £5,000 each to 10 migrants, further supporting their aspirations. Learn more about the ‘I*m Migrant’ campaign at www.worldremit.com/im-migrant.