Fora, London’s premier network of flexible workspaces, commissioned new research that sheds light on the concerning reality British workers face.

The survey, conducted by YouGov among 2,000 knowledge workers in partnership with the Institute for Employment Studies, highlights that 44% of workers feel their working environment impedes their job performance. Additionally, this figure rises to 51% among workers under 35.

The study underscores the correlation between employer support for individual workstyles and workforce satisfaction. Workers who feel their employers support their individual workstyles are twice as likely to be satisfied compared to those whose employers don’t. Additionally, the freedom to adapt work styles based on needs is linked to enhanced productivity, with 58% of those supported by their employers reporting increased productivity.

Enrico Sanna, CEO of The Office Group, commented on the research, stressing the need for adaptability and recognition of diverse workstyles. Sanna highlighted that customised workspaces catering to varied individual needs are vital for a productive and engaged workforce.

Worker Autonomy and Impact

Astrid Allen, a research fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, emphasised the significance of worker autonomy. While workers consider both how and where they work important, only half feel their current work arrangements allow them to perform at their best. Allen also highlighted the missed productivity potential due to insufficient control over workstyles.

In response to evolving trends, The Office Group rebrands its portfolio to Fora, encompassing over 70 flexible workspaces across the UK and Germany. Fora caters to the diverse needs of clients like GSK, Ocado, and the British Fashion Council, supporting a workforce of 29,000 individuals.

The research findings underscore the critical role of adaptable and supportive workspaces in enhancing productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing among workers, urging employers to address individual workstyle needs for a more conducive work environment.