Atom bank, a digital-only bank based in the UK, has made its four-day working week a permanent fixture after a highly successful trial period.

Following a record-breaking year, the bank has decided to continue offering its employees a four-day week without any reduction in salary. This move comes as Atom reports notable improvements in employee satisfaction, customer service, and recruitment efforts.

Contrary to initial concerns about service levels, Atom bank has witnessed a surge in customer goodwill and satisfaction since implementing the four-day week. Customer goodwill increased from 83 to 87, demonstrating a significant uptick in customer sentiment. Additionally, Atom’s iOS and Android apps have achieved top ratings, each scoring 5 stars. The bank’s Trustpilot rating stands at 4.7, making it the third highest-rated bank in the UK. Notably, Atom’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has reached +86, its highest level to date.

Boost in Employee Engagement and Recruitment

The transition to a four-day week has proven to be an attractive proposition for both current employees and prospective candidates. Atom bank has experienced a 33% increase in job applications compared to the previous year, with headcount rising from 451 to 468. Moreover, employee attrition has decreased by 22%, indicating higher retention rates and increased job satisfaction among staff members. Internal surveys conducted by the bank reveal a 12% rise in employee engagement, reflecting a more motivated workforce.

A representative from Atom bank emphasised the transformative impact of the four-day week on the company’s culture and performance. Despite initial challenges, the transition has resulted in a more productive, healthier, and happier workforce. The bank remains confident in its ability to maintain growth and deliver exceptional service to its customers. With a recent capital raise fuelling further expansion, Atom bank anticipates another successful year ahead in 2023.