Ivanti, a tech company specializing in Everywhere Work solutions, has released its 2024 Everywhere Work report, shedding light on the evolving nature of work preferences.

The report highlights a significant gap between the desire for workplace flexibility and its availability, suggesting a pressing need for employers to adapt to the changing landscape of work.

According to the report, 80% of professionals highly value flexible work arrangements, surpassing the appeal of remote work for 70% of respondents. However, only a quarter of professionals state that their current jobs offer them high flexibility. This stark contrast underscores the importance for employers to prioritise flexibility to attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive job market.

Key Findings on Flexibility

The research indicates that flexible work options hold greater importance for professionals than the ability to work remotely. While 80% of respondents value flexibility, only a quarter claim to have it in their current roles. Alarmingly, at least 40% express willingness to change jobs to attain flexibility, signalling a significant demand for this aspect of workplace culture.

Women appear to prioritise flexibility more than men, with 36% considering it essential compared to 22% of men. Moreover, 28% of women deem the ability to work anywhere as essential, in contrast to 18% of men. Employers adopting rigid approaches risk alienating a substantial portion of their workforce by neglecting these preferences.

While leaders believe employees have adequate tools for remote or hybrid work, IT and Security teams disagree. Only 46% find it easy to access tech tools when working remotely. This disconnect contributes to burnout, with 23% of IT professionals citing a colleague’s resignation due to burnout.

Aligning IT and Security Priorities

Although there is widespread belief in the potential of AI and automation to enhance productivity and service quality, adoption rates remain low. This discrepancy is attributed to inaccurate data and entrenched data silos within organisations.

Ivanti’s research underscores the importance of aligning the priorities of IT and Security departments to enable flexible work and maximise AI and automation benefits. Over half (52%) of IT and security professionals report siloed data, impacting both security and productivity negatively. The report advocates for a holistic approach to IT estate management to address these challenges effectively.

The Everywhere Work report by Ivanti underscores the imperative for employers to adapt to evolving work preferences, particularly regarding flexibility. By prioritising flexibility, bridging gender disparities, addressing IT and Security needs, and leveraging AI and automation effectively, organisations can create conducive environments for their workforce to thrive.