The Enterprise Investment Scheme Association (EISA) recently honoured the winners of the 2024 EISA Awards at the House of Lords, Westminster.

The EISA Awards celebrate excellence in enterprise and innovation, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, legal experts, and financial advisers. Christiana Stewart-Lockhart, Director General of the EISA, remarked, “Our Awards, in the 30th anniversary year of the EIS, are of special significance and the high quality of this year’s entries reflects the exceptional work of our members. We have some incredible winners across 12 categories who deserve recognition for their excellent work, and I extend my congratulations to them all.”

Recognising Outstanding Achievements

The winners were chosen by a panel of independent judges who assessed candidates on impact, innovation, and contributions to the EIS and SEIS community. These schemes are instrumental in promoting innovation and supporting the growth of early-stage companies in the UK, as evidenced by the nominees’ achievements. The awards showcased the remarkable talent and achievements within the UK startup community.

The EIS and SEIS have played a crucial role in making the UK one of the best places in the world to start a business. They have spurred innovation, created jobs, and driven economic growth, highlighting their immense importance.

2024 EISA Award Winners

The EISA congratulates all the winners, who have demonstrated excellence across various fields, including health and fitness improvements, cancer treatment innovations, and skill growth in the future workforce. The winners for 2024 are:

  • Best EIS Investment Manager 2024: Par Equity
  • EISA Impact Award 2024: Foresight Group
  • Best Newcomer 2024: Empirical Ventures
  • Best SEIS Investment Manager 2024: Jenson Funding Partners LLP
  • Best EIS/SEIS Advocate 2024: SeedLegals
  • Best Financial Planner 2024: Andrew Elson (Berry & Oak)
  • Diversity Champion 2024: Jenson Funding Partners LLP
  • Best EIS/SEIS Tax Adviser 2024: Philip Hare & Associates LLP and Shoosmiths LLP
  • Best EIS/SEIS Legal/Regulatory Adviser 2024: RW Blears LLP
  • Best SEIS Investee Company 2024: MyARC
  • Best EIS Investee Company 2024: Carcinotech
  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2024: Ishani Malhotra (Founder & CEO of Carcinotech)

The EISA looks forward to the continued success and contributions of these outstanding individuals and organisations to the EIS ecosystem.

Impact of EIS and SEIS on UK’s Startup Ecosystem

The EIS and SEIS schemes have been pivotal in fostering innovation and supporting early-stage companies. By providing financial incentives for investors, these schemes have helped numerous startups secure necessary funding, leading to job creation and economic growth. The awards underline the schemes’ significance and the success stories they have enabled.

The EISA remains committed to supporting the UK’s entrepreneurial community. Through events like the EISA Awards, the association aims to highlight the achievements of its members and the transformative impact of the EIS and SEIS schemes. As the EISA celebrates its 30th anniversary, it reaffirms its dedication to fostering an environment where innovation thrives and entrepreneurs are empowered to succeed.