Francesca James, the mind behind the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, has announced the launch of Ideas Fest—a pioneering gathering designed to blend the vibrancy of a music festival with the stimulation of a business conference.

Ideas Fest aims to revolutionise how entrepreneurs network, learn, and celebrate their successes. Born out of the uncertainty of indoor events during the pandemic, Ideas Fest offers a dynamic two-day experience just 40 minutes from London, attracting a diverse array of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Inspiring Speakers and Insights

The event features an impressive lineup of speakers, including founders from renowned brands such as Calm, Yo Sushi, Grenade, Tripp, and myenergi. These industry leaders will share their journeys, insights, and strategies, providing attendees with unparalleled learning opportunities.

Unlike traditional conferences, Ideas Fest promises a unique blend of serious learning and festival fun. Attendees can expect seminars, panels, workshops, live entertainment, and casual fireside chats—all set in an outdoor environment conducive to creativity and informal networking.

Recognising the often isolating nature of entrepreneurship, Ideas Fest is designed to foster interaction, collaboration, and the formation of meaningful connections. With its carefully curated program and festival layout, Ideas Fest aims to provide entrepreneurs with a supportive community to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

Event Details

  • Dates: 12th & 13th September
  • Location: Tring, Hertfordshire (40 minutes from London)
  • Tickets: Full event and day passes are available now. For ticketing information and registration, visit

Ideas Fest promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs, offering a unique blend of inspiration, learning, and camaraderie against the backdrop of a festival atmosphere.