Metapack, a forefront player in ecommerce delivery technology, is set to orchestrate The Delivery Conference (TDC) 2024, assembling a congregation of retailers, brands, carriers, and technology firms.

The event, scheduled for 6th February 2024 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, promises a dynamic exploration of crucial themes shaping the future of ecommerce, with a spotlight on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the continuous evolution of AI and its profound implications for ecommerce, TDC will serve as a platform for leaders to discuss and dissect pressing challenges facing the industry in the year ahead. Al Ko, CEO of Auctane, Metapack’s parent company, highlights the significance of TDC, labelling it a pivotal event that sets the tone for the ecommerce, retail, and logistics landscape in 2024.

Insights and Solutions for Industry Leaders

In its 15th year, TDC 2024 boasts an agenda meticulously crafted to provide attendees with actionable, data-driven insights and solutions to counter the unpredictability in the ecommerce landscape. The event anticipates the participation of over 900 industry leaders with more than 25 distinguished speakers contributing to over 20 sessions throughout the day.

The conference kicks off with an address from Al Ko, CEO at Auctane, preceding the unveiling of the ‘Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2024′ results by Ko and Richard Lim, CEO at Retail Economic. This session promises to unravel key findings from the much-anticipated report, offering strategies to fuel retailers’ business growth.

The exclusive Keynote session will feature Nina Schick, Author, Generative AI Expert, and Founder of Tamang, providing insights into ‘The rapid evolution of AI and how it will impact ecommerce.’ Schick’s keynote will shed light on the current and future role of AI in ecommerce.

Featured Speakers and Panellists

TDC 2024 boasts an impressive lineup of speakers and exhibitors from diverse segments of the ecommerce landscape. Some notable participants include:

  • SJ Grabiec, Global Head of CX and Fraud at AllSaints
  • Rob Owst, Head of Home Delivery at B&Q
  • Katy Medlock, GM UK at BackMarket
  • Ryan Hunter, SVP Sales, Global at DHL eCommerce
  • Max O’Brien, Regional Sales Director at Global-e
  • Bex Postlethwaite, Industry Manager at Google Cloud
  • Dave Middleton, Head of Carrier Management at GXO
  • Murvah Iqbal, Founder and Co-CEO at HIVED
  • Gary Page, General Manager, Customer Delivery & Collection Operations at John Lewis Partnership
  • Howe Gu, Managing Director, EMEA Region at Microsoft
  • Lucy Matchett, Manager, Retail and Leisure Team at OC&C Strategy Consultants
  • Jonathan Jenssen, Co-Founder and CEO at Relay
  • Carolyn Park, Vice President Supply Chain Optimisation, Vice President Supply Chain, Southern Europe at RS Group
  • Caroline Varga, Head of UK & Ireland at Uber Direct
  • Sahil Jaggi, District Marketing Director at UPS
  • Rob King, Co-founder & CEO at Zedify

Exhibitor Hall and Networking

The dedicated TDC exhibition hall will showcase 40 exhibitors. This will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore and engage throughout the day. A networking drinks reception will follow closing remarks, enhancing the collaborative spirit of the event.

For those eager to be part of this transformative discourse, registration for TDC 2024 is open. Visit TDC 2024 Registration for more information and to secure your spot at this indispensable event.