Peopleway, a global player in people measurement solutions, has embarked on a transformative journey by repositioning itself as an AI-led human behavior product specialist. This strategic shift is being facilitated by Designit, a globally renowned experience innovation consultancy owned by Wipro. The collaboration aims to reshape Peopleway’s brand and business proposition, marking a significant evolution in its approach to understanding and influencing human behavior.

Initially rooted in behavioral psychology, Peopleway has a longstanding reputation in human behavioral measurement. The company is now pivoting towards a more proactive role, focusing on accelerating human behaviors that drive positive business outcomes. This transition is aligned with the launch of their new cloud-based AI solution, specifically designed to aid financial companies in enhancing aspects like fraud detection, efficiency, subrogation, and sales performance. This AI solution stands out by offering precise guidance to employees, showing them how, when, and where to exhibit high-performing behaviors.

Designit has been instrumental in reworking Peopleway’s brand identity from the ground up. Their approach was centered on demystifying the complex interplay between human behavior and artificial intelligence. The goal was to communicate Peopleway’s new identity in an accessible and straightforward manner, respecting the company’s rich heritage while projecting its future aspirations.

Jakob Holmberg Chrøis, Senior Brand Designer at Designit, elaborated on the project’s scope, stating, “Our remit for Peopleway far exceeded a typical design brief. We had to delve into their intricate operating environment and convey their new identity in a way that honors their legacy. The challenge was to simplify the complex realms of machine learning and behavioral analytics for the general audience. We aimed to make every brand touchpoint a deliberate effort to showcase Peopleway’s expertise and offerings. This was achieved through thoughtful design elements, including a pictorial mark that symbolizes both machine learning processes and neural activity in the brain. This metaphor extends to bespoke animations, while brand colors, language guides, and photography rules further reinforce this messaging, akin to how Peopleway’s offering reinforces behavior.”


Peopleway brand redesign

Examples of the Peopleway brand redesign



Lars Julin, founder and CEO of Peopleway, reflected on the company’s evolution, emphasizing the enduring importance of the human element in business, even amidst the growing prominence of artificial intelligence. “We’re enhancing the human aspect, not replacing it,” he stated. “By fusing our legacy in behavioral analytics with cutting-edge AI models, our goal is to pinpoint and embed key behaviors that drive business success throughout the workforce.”

Julin sees this development as a personal and professional milestone, drawing on his academic background in neuroscience and artificial intelligence from a neuropsychological perspective. “Understanding this field is challenging,” he admitted. “Our decade-long collaboration with Designit has been pivotal in writing this new chapter for Peopleway. We’re taking a bold step away from our traditional consulting and people measurement background, moving towards an AI-powered behavior and business performance focus. Designit’s expertise has been crucial in distilling our unique qualities from the past 30 years and incorporating them into our new identity, setting us up for future success.”

The rebranding and strategic realignment of Peopleway, supported by Designit, marks a significant shift in the company’s trajectory. By integrating its heritage in behavioral analysis with innovative AI technologies, Peopleway is poised to redefine its role in the business landscape, focusing on harnessing human behavior to drive impactful business outcomes.