In the ever-expanding landscape of franchises, fostering an inclusive environment is proving to be more than just a social responsibility for franchisors; it’s a strategic business decision.

Kristen Horler, Head of Sales at Snap Fitness, explores the significance of building an inclusive community for franchisees. Horler not only sheds light on the positive impact it has on innovation, adaptability, and long-term brand health but also provides insights into how Snap Fitness ensures a tightly-knit and collaborative franchise network.

Importance of Inclusivity for Franchisee Success

As successful franchises continue to welcome new members into their networks, the onus is on franchisors to create a supportive and engaged community. Particularly for franchisees who may be entering a new industry, building an inclusive environment is crucial. A collaborative network that encourages communication among franchisees, not just with the franchisor, is pivotal for sustained success. Regular sharing of insights, strategies, and best practices enhances overall performance, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that contributes to the brand’s long-term prosperity.

Snap Fitness recognises the importance of industry knowledge but places equal emphasis on listening to franchisees’ challenges and successes. To cultivate open communication, the company has implemented several initiatives:

  1. Franchise Advisory Council: The UK Franchise Advisory Council allows elected representatives to meet quarterly with the leadership team, fostering formal and consistent communication throughout the year.
  2. Network Consensus: All developments requiring a vote must secure over 70% buy-in from franchisees before adoption, ensuring a collective decision-making process.
  3. Regular Correspondence: Annual conventions and monthly webinars provide platforms for franchisees to share experiences, challenges, and successes, promoting ongoing learning and improvement.
  4. In-person Training and Events: Summits and roadshows offer opportunities for sharing best practices, providing feedback, and building personal connections, contributing to a network of mutual support.

These initiatives aim to create an environment of open communication, inclusive decision-making, and a sense of belonging, empowering franchisees to actively contribute to the brand’s growth and success.

Franchisee Testimonials on Snap Fitness Community

John Prior, owner of Snap Fitness Addlestone, underscores the importance of openness and honesty in strengthening bonds within the franchisee community. He emphasises Snap Fitness’ ‘One Team’ culture as instrumental in fostering relationships and creating a close-knit family feel. Regular communication through group chats and a supportive network encourages franchisees to connect, collaborate, and seek advice, ultimately building trust in the brand’s processes and principles. The reciprocal support within the Snap Fitness network extends beyond business, aligning with the company’s values of a trusting, family-first, ‘One Team’ environment.

Snap Fitness demonstrates that building an inclusive franchise community is not just a responsibility but a strategic choice that significantly impacts the success and sustainability of the brand. By prioritising open communication, collaborative decision-making, and a sense of belonging, Snap Fitness creates a supportive environment where franchisees can thrive and contribute to the overall growth of the brand.