On Wellbeing, a unique digital wellbeing platform and app designed to transform the approach to employee wellbeing in organisations has launched. This science-backed tool is not just another addition to the corporate wellbeing market; it stands out by focusing on empowering employees with essential knowledge, skills, and techniques for proactive self-care and total wellbeing management.

The app aims to reach not only those who are already engaged in their mental health (‘the worried well’) but also those who are often overlooked in workplace wellbeing initiatives (‘the hard to reach’). By offering a private and safe space for employees to explore their needs anonymously, On Wellbeing is set to break down barriers in employee engagement and promote a more proactive approach to self-care.

Dr Nicola Eccles, Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing at On Wellbeing, highlights the app’s unique approach: “Most of today’s wellbeing apps cater to the ‘worried well’. On Wellbeing extends its reach to include the ‘hard to reach’ – those most in need of help but often reluctant to engage with traditional wellbeing programmes.”

From Intention to Action

Despite the UK’s corporate wellbeing market being valued at £2.8bn, dissatisfaction with current wellbeing programmes is widespread, primarily due to low user engagement. On Wellbeing addresses these challenges by ensuring complete privacy for its users, a factor known to enhance engagement. Dr Eccles adds that the app is designed to move users from intention to action in building mental resilience, equipping them with practical skills rather than just information.

On Wellbeing stands out by focusing 100% on mental health, without incorporating elements like breathwork or yoga tutorials. It is underpinned by a unique 3-tier system, utilising behavioural science to encourage action, setting it apart from other wellbeing apps.

A Brighter Future for Mental Wellbeing

On Wellbeing is poised to significantly impact corporate wellbeing and individual mental health. Its science-led approach, coupled with practical tools and skills, prepares users to thrive in a dynamic world. The app’s unique 3-tier system is a first in combining various approaches to mental health and wellbeing.

Key Features of On Wellbeing

Your Toolbox

This feature allows users to build a personalised set of coping and resilience skills through interactive games, activities, podcasts, and more. The gamified approach, similar to that used in apps like Duolingo and Pokemon Sleep, has been shown to positively impact mental health and wellbeing. The app engages users in activities that improve mood, self-esteem, and reduce anxiety.

Your Space

Functioning like a mental health-focused Pinterest board, this section enables users to create bespoke journals and image galleries. It’s designed to help users reflect, understand themselves better, and integrate gratitude and purpose into their daily lives.

Your Community

Unique to On Wellbeing, this feature emphasises organisational engagement. It acts as a hub for companies to integrate information about their in-house projects and wellbeing initiatives, as well as those in the wider community. It’s akin to a company intranet but specifically focused on mental health and wellbeing.

Several organisations, including UA92, Wye Valley NHS Trust, and King Edwards College, have already signed up as customers. The app is also shortlisted for App of the Year at the Prolific North Tech Awards 2023.

Dominic Bennett, CEO of On Wellbeing, comments on the app’s distinctiveness: “We’re setting the gold standard for corporate wellbeing platforms – a science-led, skills-based app that’s tailored to individual users and employs behavioural science techniques to build mental resilience.”

Kate Wood, Work Health Hub and Mental Health and Productivity Pilot Manager at the University of Derby, shares her enthusiasm: “The University of Derby is thrilled to be part of the pilot for On Wellbeing. The app encourages us to take responsibility for our mental health. It will lift us to the next level in encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.”

On Wellbeing’s launch signals a significant shift in the corporate approach to mental health and wellbeing, offering a comprehensive, user-focused solution that could redefine the future of workplace wellness.

For more information about On Wellbeing and how it can benefit your organisation – or to see a demo – visit On Wellbeing’s website.