Priory, the UK’s premier independent mental health services provider, has earned a nomination at the 2023/4 Health Tech Awards for its innovative use of Nourish Care‘s digital records system.

This recognition comes after the system saved over 80,000 staff hours, marking a significant leap in efficiency for the renowned healthcare institution.

Implemented over an 18-month period, Nourish’s digital records system has successfully digitised adult care resident support plans and risk assessments at Priory. This transformative technology has substantially reduced the reliance on paper forms, resulting in an estimated annual time saving of 84,554 staff hours. With the digital system now operational at 190 resident sites across the UK, impacting more than 2,300 residents, Priory has positioned itself as a frontrunner in adopting cutting-edge health technology.

Recognition at the Health Tech Awards

The innovative approach to frontline digitisation by Priory has secured its nomination in the Frontline Digitisation Project of the Year category at the 2023/4 Health Tech Awards. The accolade recognises Priory’s commitment to leveraging technology to streamline administrative tasks, enhance resident care, and ultimately contribute to the efficiency of the healthcare sector.

Paul Barnes, Chief Commercial Officer at Nourish, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “Nourish and Priory Group are committed to working closely together to go beyond simply evidencing care delivery; the future here is exciting for everyone.” The digitisation journey has been a collaborative effort, showcasing the dedication and professionalism of Priory’s team.

Christine Keyse, Priory Adult Care Managing Director for South West and Wales, highlighted the positive feedback received, noting, “My favourite piece of feedback from our colleagues is ‘We have more time to care.'” The bespoke digital care records system not only benefits the staff but also empowers the residents to actively participate in shaping their care.

Rebekah Cresswell, Priory CEO, emphasised the transformative impact of the project, stating, “This is an example of how investment by private equity in the social care market can make a huge difference.” The successful implementation of Nourish’s digital records across all 190 care homes underscores Priory’s commitment to delivering exceptional care through technology-driven solutions.

A Visionary Step Towards Digital Healthcare Efficiency

Priory’s nomination at the Health Tech Awards underscores the pivotal role digital innovation plays in shaping the future of healthcare. As the industry continues to evolve, Priory’s commitment to efficiency gains and resident-focused care sets a standard for healthcare providers embracing technological advancements to enhance overall operations.