Roffey Park Institute, a prominent international executive education and research organisation, has announced the launch of its 2024 Organisational Development Conference.

The event is scheduled for October 24th-25th, 2024, at Roffey Park Institute’s state-of-the-art facilities in Sussex.

The conference will convene a diverse group of thought leaders, industry experts, and organisational development (OD) practitioners from around the world. The theme for this year’s conference is “Thinking Global, Acting Local”. Attendees will engage in interactive workshops, keynote sessions, and networking activities designed to provide insights and strategies for navigating modern organisational structures.

Dr Arlene Egan, CEO of Roffey Park Institute, emphasised the importance of organisational development, saying, “Organisational development is critical to the success and sustainability of any business. Our 2024 conference is dedicated to advancing the field by providing a platform for sharing innovative ideas and best practices. We are excited to welcome OD professionals from across the globe to join us in this vital conversation.”

Keynote Speakers and Workshop Leaders

The conference will feature several keynote speakers and workshop leaders, including:

  • Síle Walsh
  • Dr Rob Worrall
  • Jesse Segers
  • Ku’ulani Keohokalole
  • Emma Du Parq
  • Neil Mullarkey (MC)

These experts will lead sessions over the two-day event, sharing their knowledge and engaging with attendees on the latest trends and innovations in organisational development.

Suzie Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Roffey Park Institute, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming conference. She said, “Bringing together a community of people wanting to make a positive impact and change to organisations and people within them is a true privilege. Following the overwhelming feedback from last year’s conference, I am sure that our diverse range of speakers, along with a range of workshops and networking, will not disappoint this year. I look forward to meeting with those that can join us.”

A Legacy of Organisational Development Excellence

Roffey Park Institute has been at the forefront of organisational development and action learning for over 75 years. The annual OD Conference is a prestigious event on the OD industry calendar, fostering global community and contributing to ongoing research and development in the field. All conference fees are directed to Roffey Park’s Research Fund, supporting the exploration of external factors that impact the world of work.

The 2024 Organisational Development Conference aims to equip attendees with the latest knowledge and insights needed to tackle the complexities of modern organisational structures. The focus on “Thinking Global, Acting Local” reflects the importance of adapting global strategies to local contexts, ensuring effective and sustainable organisational growth.