A recent survey conducted by TrustedHousesitters, a platform offering homestays in exchange for pet care, explores the profound positive impact of pets on hybrid and remote workers.

The data collected from over 2,000 respondents sheds light on the significant role pets play in enhancing mental and physical well-being for those working from home.

The survey findings affirm that approximately 91% of remote workers attribute an improvement in their remote working experience to caring for pets. Notably, two-thirds (65%) of respondents express a strong inclination towards roles offering hybrid or remote working options, indicating the pivotal role these working arrangements play in career choices.

Pets as Stress Relievers and Companions

The survey highlights the invaluable role of pets in alleviating work-related stress, with a staggering 9 out of 10 respondents (91%) acknowledging that working alongside animals significantly reduces stress levels. Furthermore, half (50%) of the participants credit their pets for combating feelings of loneliness commonly associated with remote work, a concern raised by over half (58%) of all UK workers.

Pets are revealed as catalysts for fostering healthy habits among remote workers, with 44% citing that their pets help maintain daily routines essential for remote work. Additionally, two-thirds (66%) of respondents attribute improved mental health to their pets, encouraging them to step outdoors at least once during the workday, promoting mental rejuvenation and reducing stress and anxiety.

Work-Life Balance and the Travel Factor

Nearly half (49%) of respondents acknowledge pets for encouraging much-needed screen breaks during work hours, promoting a healthier work-life balance. For remote workers who engage in pet-sitting while travelling, an overwhelming 98% express that pet-sitting through TrustedHousesitters has significantly enhanced their lifestyle. Additionally, three-quarters (74%) highlight the opportunity to explore new places while pet-sitting as the greatest benefit.

Angela Laws, Head of Community at TrustedHousesitters, emphasised the importance of pets in the remote work sphere, citing their impact on mental health and balance between work and life. She highlighted the platform’s popularity among remote and hybrid workers, with 54% of respondents actively engaging in pet-sitting at least once a month or more.

“These findings underscore the critical role pets play in improving the mental well-being of remote workers. Their companionship fosters a much-needed balance between virtual work and life. The prevalence of remote workers on TrustedHousesitters reaffirms that pet-sitting offers a remedy for the remote working blues,” she said.